Diana del Franco
Fake Plastic Trees
Personal project, 2018

We live in virtual reality: through social media we can mature immaterial connections and transport ourselves to distant worlds, thus detaching ourselves from what surrounds us. The generation of millennials, in particular, is developing a constant split between concreteness and fiction, fueling an image of the virtual self in continuous disconnection with the primary needs related to society, relationships and the environment. The "Fake Plastic Trees" project wants to invite you to reflect on real needs, by investigating in parallel the impacts produced by this digital revolution on our psyche. A work divided into six chapters, each of which addresses the as many psychoses caused by the use-abuse of social media and listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Mise-en-scène of five subjects who, like laboratory mice, are analyzed while interacting in an aseptic environment, stripped of technological devices. A sterile stage, capable of enhancing, through a game of contrasts (the solar yellow of the lollipops or the green fronds outside the glass), the surreal dimension derived from these psychic alterations "
© Diana del Franco